About Us

Since 1969

What began as a watch and clock repair shop in the back of Bernard Olliff’s home in 1969 has now become more then we can imagine.  Bernard’s Jewelers is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and fine jewelry. With passion for luxury jewelry and a commitment to excellence, the professionals at Bernard’s Jewelers are a group of dedicated jewelers, jewelry designers, sales associates, and GIA graduates, all working to provide the perfect gift for “when the moment matters”.

For the moments that matter.

Keeping with family tradition, Bernard’s Jewelers prides itself on being able to give every client the personal attention they deserve. With a collection of designers jewelry from brands like Allison Kaufman, Coast Diamonds, Stuller, and more – our experts deliver a hands-on experience, working closely with you to find the right piece to fit your style.

Throughout its history, Bernard’s Jewelers has set higher standards in the jewelry industry. With a commitment to providing only the highest-grade diamonds, exclusive customer service, and a variety of options to fit any style.

Today Bernard’s Jewelers has a reputation for quality workmanship and service. We understand that jewelry is an important part of history. We are here for “when the moment matters”.

Speak with one of our diamond experts today, and let us provide you with an experience you’ll never forget.