Here at Bernard’s Jewelers, we are all about the moments that really matter! One moment that is special in the hearts of many is their wedding day.

We take pride in being able to provide engagement rings to our amazing customers, but we also love being able to provide them with pieces to wear on their special day!

Your wedding day is a day you will reminisce on for years to come, so let us help you pick out the perfect pieces to match the beauty of this day. We have combined a list of tips below, so that you can look back on your wedding day and smile at your wedding pictures for years to come!

Less is more

The classic saying “less is more” is especially true on your wedding day, so that your jewelry does not take away from your stunning wedding dress or your beautiful face. Jewelry should complement a wedding dress, not steal it’s show. Less jewelry will keep the design of your wedding classy, intimate, and timeless.

Choose jewelry that accents your dress

When picking your wedding day jewelry, be sure to consider your wedding dress. For example, the neckline of your wedding dress determines what style necklace you’ll wear. When deciding between platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold jewelry, consider what hues your dress has. For example, platinum and silver would look beautiful with a pure white dress, but gold pieces would stand out with an ivory toned dress.

Keep comfort in mind

As we know, wedding days are full of memories made and can get lengthy. Therefore, it is wise to consider the comfort of the jewelry you choose for your big day. Don’t let your jewelry hinder you from being a dancing queen on the dance floor. Make sure your jewelry does not weigh you down, so you can be in the moment.

Shop from a trusted jeweler

Planning for a wedding can be overwhelming, so you don’t want any unnecessary stress added. To avoid unnecessary stress, when shopping for wedding jewelry, buy from a jeweler you trust. By buying from a jeweler you trust, you can be confident in it’s authenticity and quality.

Follow your heart

At the end of the day, your wedding is your wedding. Opinions about what jewelry you should wear can be very helpful, but make sure that you follow your heart. By following your heart, your wedding look will be unique to you and you will shine bright.


Following these tips will help your wedding day come together fully, with a beautiful aesthetic and design all the way around, including your jewelry! We love the additional confidence that having the perfect jewelry gives a bride and it would be an honor to help you find yours! Visit us at 23999 US Hwy. 80, Statesboro or call us at 912-764-5379.