Along with the holiday season, comes sparkles and shine. We have all heard the classic Christmas tune, “Silver and Gold”, and there’s no better time to rock all of those silver and gold jewelry pieces of yours! 


But how do you style the pieces to their fullest? Make the most of your holiday season and your jewelry with these tips… 


Christmas is all about color! When you think of Christmas, you immediately think of red, white, green, silver, and gold. Use this special time to embrace these festive colors using your jewelry pieces. To mix it up, you could stack red and green rings with an outfit, or silver and gold bracelets with another outfit. You could also wear all of the same colored stones, for example, all rubies, for a different type of bold statement. 

A beautiful part about Christmas is the classics and traditions it brings! You can channel this through your jewelry by wearing your favorite classic pieces during this sweet and special time. A simple gold, silver, or pearl necklace with just the right amount of shine can be the perfect touch to a holiday outfit.  

You know what they say, Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year”, so why not bring out all of the extra special statement pieces you have been saving for that “right time”? A statement jewelry piece can be just what a classic holiday outfit needs. Show off your statement piece by wearing it alone and drawing all eyes to it!


Whether it’s the lights on the tree, the glimmer in the snow, a starry silent night, or the sparkle in your loved ones eyes, Christmas is all about shining bright. Therefore, why not bring out all of your most dazzling pieces. Add multiple layers of sparkling jewelry for some holiday fun and to add to your holiday fit! 

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