Summer is right around the corner, and this season is a great time to show off your style with beautiful and fun jewelry. It is a great time to try out new, bold jewelry you might not typically wear, or a time to add a simple new piece to the jewelry you wear on a regular basis.

Here are some of our ideas on what jewelry to add to your collection for this upcoming summer.

Beach Themed Jewelry

For many people, when they think of summer they think of the beach, so why not add in some beach themed jewelry pieces to your wardrobe this summer. Seashells and starfish, or turtles and dolphins are fun beach-inspired elements that are perfect for summer jewelry.

Statement Jewelry and Bright Colors

Summer is the perfect time to try out statement fashion jewelry featuring bright colors. Colorful bracelets and necklaces, bright jeweled rings and earrings, jewelry with pinks, yellows, blues and so many other colors are fun and fabulous for the summer.

Light, Layered Jewelry

Another jewelry style to try that is great for everyday wear in the summer is, small dainty jewelry that can easily be layered. Small, gold or silver necklaces of various lengths can be paired together. Thin bracelets can also be stacked up to complete an outfit.


Do not be afraid to experiment and try out new jewelry this summer! Remember to always wear something you love. Choose something that makes you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable. Have fun experimenting with new and different styles and do not be afraid to mix and match!