Weddings are special moment in life, with much planning and preparation this a day that everyone hopes to be magically perfect.

Part of this magical day is the perfect jewelry that completes your wedding look. We have a few tips to help you find the perfect Jewelry.

Necklines and Jewelry

When finding the right jewelry to wear, one thing to take into consideration is the neckline of the dress.

Five necklines that will pair well with simple earrings or elegant pearls are (1) Queen Anne neckline (2) sweetheart (3) bateau (4) high neck and (5) jewel. Ruby studs are fun pop color that also pair well with these necklines.

Statement earrings and jewelry pair well with (1) off-shoulder (2) halter-strap and (3) illusion necklines.

wedding dress necklines

Silver or Gold

Different skin tones tend to pair well with different color metals. There are ways to determine if silver or gold jewelry is better for your skin tone.

If you tan well, look great in yellow and if your veins look slightly more greenish, it is likely gold is the perfect metal for you.

If white paper makes your skin glow, hot pink makes you look fresh, and if your veins appear more bluish, it is likely silver is the metal for you.

At the end of the day most important tip for finding your perfect wedding jewelry is to wear what makes you comfortable and what you love.

Whether you wear silver or gold, diamonds or pearls, if you love the jewelry then it will be perfect. We want to help you find the perfect jewelry that you love. Visit us at 23999 US Hwy. 80, Statesboro or call us at 912-764-5379.